About StateCover


StateCover Mutual Limited has been operating since 2001 as a Specialised Insurer, supporting the workplace risk needs of NSW Councils and other local government entities. As at June 2017, StateCover insured around 94% of eligible Councils, covering a workforce of approximately 31,000 employees.


Vision & Corporate Goals

StateCover is proud of its long association with the NSW local government sector and we see our "soul" purpose as creating value for local government and the communities they serve.

To be local government’s instinctive choice for all risk solutions

To be local government’s instinctive choice for all risk solutions

StateCover’s Corporate Goals emphasise StateCover’s Member-centric philosophy and the importance of quality, superior service and outcomes; all fundamental elements of the Mutual's sustainability.

StateCover's goals are to:

  • ensure the interests of our Members are central to everything we do
  • provide high quality workplace risk solutions
  • deliver optimum claim outcomes and superior service with integrity
  • provide sustainable stakeholder security


StateCover was established as a public company by the Local Government and Shires Association of NSW (LGSA or LGNSW), which remains as StateCover’s majority shareholder. In addition, StateCover policy-holding Members are each shareholders in the Mutual.

Mutual Philosophy

StateCover Mutual was established by LGNSW as a not-for-profit workers compensation insurer to partner with NSW local government entities in the management of their workplace risk. The concept was to provide NSW Councils with an alternative option to self-insurance through an insurer that represented the interests of its Members, provided an integrated injury prevention and injury management service model and would work in partnership to minimise the overall cost of Members' workplace risk.

This underlying mutual philosophy continues to operate today for the benefit of all StateCover’s stakeholders.


StateCover is administered by people who appreciate the unique aspects of local government. Consultation and customer service feature highly in StateCover's objectives, ensuring Member interests are central to all decision-making. Services are tailored to the Local Government industry and have been developed to assist Members improve their WHS and injury management performance.

Over the past 16 years, StateCover has consistently demonstrated the benefits of being a member of an industry-based workers compensation scheme.

So why StateCover?

  • our long track record in Local Government means we have a unique understanding of councils' workplace risk needs;
  • as a Member of StateCover, you have access to a wide range of value-add services, specifically tailored to local government and individual Council needs;
  • we have more than 500 free online templates and tools to assist Members carry out their responsibilities, including WHS and RTW resources, supported by workers compensation and WHS experts;
  • with an average of 12 years' experience, our claims staff have the technical knowhow to deliver best practice solutions to Members;
  • with a multidisciplinary team and a focus on recruiting superior talent, StateCover has the expertise to support you to achieve great results;
  • we facilitate sharing of injury prevention and management best practice across councils, as well as local government seminars and training to ensure you have the best knowledge set available; and
  • we deliver tailored benchmarking and performance reports, including annual reports to ensure full visibility of Council's risk performance.

Becoming a Member

Any NSW council (as defined in the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW)), county council or subsidiary of a council may be eligible to become a Member of StateCover and be offered cover for workers compensation insurance. More information may be obtained by contacting us at memberservices@statecover.net.au.